Wedding Flowers by Zinnia

Welcome to our wedding flower gallery, a portfolio of some of our favourite bouquets and decorations. Scroll down and look through our portfolio..

So what does 2018 hold? Well, Corals are big again, and hydrangeas are looking popular! (aren't they always!) So what about your wedding? Well, we are the wedding flower specialists - we cater for all wedding styles - vintage shabby chic, grand opulence and everywhere in between, so contact us either by email or use our Consultation Form Here or phone us direct to speak to our in house wedding specialists. We can give you a free consultation followed by a tailored quote to exactly suit your needs.

Do you want some lovely vases / candelabra's / lanterns as your centrepeices but don't want all that expense? No problem. We have a huge array of vases and table decorations for hire - meaning the most amazing centrepeices don't have to cost the earth.

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